SHINE is designed to complement the on-going services of support provided to children by schools. SHINE works in partnership with schools to build a successful mentoring programme making an invaluable contribution to the school community.

“All of our children have responded instinctively to the 'care and share' approach the SHINE members provide. In turn this has increased our children’s experience of well organised, mature and caring social relationships." - Head Teacher

"What is most striking is that this is not a 'one-way relationship'. The enjoyment of our children is reflected on the face of the mentors.” - Deputy Head Teacher

“These mentors have given so much to our children – personalised support, individual care and attention and a realisation that the future could hold the same successes and achievements as they see their mentors enjoy.” - Head Teacher

“The pupils here, along with the staff, also recognise that the mentors have voluntarily given their valuable time to be here. For many children, it is an important moment when they realise that an adult is choosing to be with them and wants to help them to do well.” - Head Teacher

“They give the positive message that Further Education is accessible for all. This is crucial in a school such as mine where parents and extended families very rarely have a college background.” - Head Teacher