In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHINE Mentoring has taken steps to reduce risk of infection transmission among volunteers and within schools.  All interviews and training events will be held remotely using videoconferencing platforms.  In-school mentoring is continually being risk assessed with our partner schools and will take place when perceived risk is low.  Special measures will be taken concerning handwashing and social distancing where possible and volunteers will be asked to adhere to the schools' COVID-19 practices based on government guidelines.

Welcome to SHINE Mentoring

“These mentors have given so much to our children – personalised support, individual care and attention and a realisation that the future could hold the same successes and achievements as they see their mentors enjoy.” – Head Teacher

SHINE Mentoring is a volunteer-led Southwark charity which recruits, trains, and supports university students to mentor local children aged 9-11.

SHINE Mentoring was established to support local children during their school education, addressing some of the health and social needs of Southwark.  The charity has been able to show that providing university student mentors enhances the learning and development of children through proactive support and positive role models.

SHINE recruits university student volunteers from King’s College London, as by partnering with one university institution, we are able to focus the training and support we provide to students for their role as a mentor and in their university degree.

Since the programmes started in 2004:

  • 1,500 children aged 9-11 years old have received targeted one-on-one support from a university student mentor
  • 1,250 volunteers have been recruited, trained and supported as SHINE mentors
  • SHINE has gained recognition on a regional and national level being awarded two Student Volunteering England Gold Awards and a Southwark Community Contribution Award
  • 16 organisations have shown their support for SHINE through the award of grant funding

Aims for 2019-2020:

We are continually working to develop our practice and to expand our reach to further schools and the number of students we are able to provide this experience for.  We have highlighted four areas of focussed development over the academic year 2019-2020.  These are:

  1. Develop the volunteer recruitment process to enable mentors to start earlier in the academic year and maximise the mentoring time
  2. Increasing training opportunities for volunteers and trustees
  3. Measuring the impact of the SHINE programmes
  4. Exploring how the SHINE model can be used to influence policy and address social mobility